DG-Spec Car Cruise

Safe Outing Celebrates Love for Cars and Driving

A few weeks ago we decided that we had had enough of this staying at home business. With everyone hunkering down in isolation, we knew we had to come up with a way get everyone out.  Celebrating the joy of driving is in our DNA, so what better way than a well-planned car cruise!?

It sounds simple enough, but not all cruises are created equal.  We wanted this to be the best cruise…ever!  If we did it right, everyone would enjoy a group activity and socialize safely in their own vehicles!

So we did some recon and meticulously mapped out a great driving route north of Dallas, Texas. Over 60 people ended up joining in on the Sunday morning fun.

We all met up at Toyota HQ in Plano, Texas where we zeroed our odometers and handed out custom-designed DG-Spec route maps. Everyone also received a two-way radio (in DG-Spec black and yellow colors of course!) so we could all stay in touch on the road. From Toyota HQ we drove north for about 25 minutes before we headed west onto the Farm-to-Market back roads.

It was a beautiful drive and each of our two planned stops turned into impromptu mini car shows. Everyone wore face masks, social distanced and put some miles on some hot cars.  Best of all, we got to engage in a fun activity with friends and colleagues we hadn’t seen in months.

After all was said and done, we had completed a 100-mile road rally and had a great Sunday morning. With dozens of cars participating, including sweet rides from marques like Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Corvette… and some smoking Hot Rods, we enjoyed a DG-Spec Car Cruise through the scenic FM roads of North Texas.

Our concept is simply this: 

Speak Easy Meets Car Cruise

Just make sure you know the right person, or have the secret password to attend. 

We’ll be cooking up another great event soon!