DG-Spec was created over a decade ago by 3-time National Champion road racer, Dan Gardner. DG-Spec produces OE-Quality concept vehicles and performance parts, based on decades of racing and setup experience. The performance brand has been active in road racing series such as World Challenge, Grand-Am, and Performance Touring, in both sprint and endurance format. DG-Spec has produced or set up myriad concept, street performance, and racing vehicles from an Audi R8 to a Toyota Sienna, from a Lotus Elise to a Scion tC.

The brand's essence is encapsulated by a relentless pursuit of top-level performance. Indeed, DG-Spec uses "a race philosophy underpinning OE quality." Everything DG-Spec produces must perform, and overall vehicle dynamics that produce a balanced package always takes center stage. The black art of suspension tuning and chassis development are two areas of specialization, but the group also maintains extensive experience in powertrain, braking, aerodynamics, electronics, and virtually every other vehicle system.

All DG-Spec retail and special project parts are tested and proven on the track. The goal of DG-Spec parts and vehicles is to provide the OE and enthusiast alike with parts that have been developed on the track, and that have significant performance advantage over stock variants. Parts and vehicles are produced either in hardcore track trim, identical to what Gardner and his team might race with, or in Gardner-specified standards more appropriate for use on the street.


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